Friday, March 27, 2009

these walls

Per usual, the new digs have wood paneling so, renting or not, wallpaper is not an option.
But I can still dream!
I’ve trolled through this site for years, decorating pretend houses and deciding on pieces that would make good wall art.
That pattern's too dark to look any good over wood paneling but comes in other colors, like this that might work -
I think I mostly am just attracted to that picture because we’ve owned or have owned most pieces of furniture in the picture at one time or another.
But furniture SUCKS when you're moving, so this is a great idea for making a headboard and if it seems like too much effort to dismantle the current bed for a move, I may just incorporate this somehow in the new place.
And this…this is a great idea for how to make use of that totally underused piece of furniture - your couch!

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The Bedroom Setting said...

hmmmm, that foot looks awfully familiar...