Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hair bears! no wait.

poor bald bears...they look so sad & weird.

these furless ladies are all in a zoo in germany and supposedly suffering some sort of unknown, possibly genetic ailment.
i don't know about that (and suspect overexposure to plastic!) but think it's revealing how similar they look to prehistoric models you'd see in the natural history museum.
compare this to below:


it's not a great picture but i don't really feel like digging too deep.
however, it might mean...somebody forgot to add fur to all those fossils.
then, instead of creepy dinosaurs, we'd have something closer to this:

HAPPY (belated) 40th BIRTHDAY SESAME STREET! thank you most of all for the letter "A" and the number 12!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

half-pint ponies

pack your bags and your sugar cubes QUICK! i just found out the American Miniature Horse Registry Convention is November 5 & 6th in Orlando, Florida...and that's in about ten minutes.
after a weekend trip to a tiny two-pony (extra-tiny) town – Julian, CA – and a mad email exchange with a girl who lives with a unicorn, the miniature pony infatuation has been fully reignited.
if Orlando doesn’t happen tomorrow (and i’m not really into Florida or having any money or traveling at the speed of light at the moment so it won’t), there is a mini pony chariot race next September in Tulsa that probably shouldn’t be missed.
start saving your pony pennies now!
until then i’m tiding myself over with the thought of getting Babiton a best friend for life from Toad Hill.
because Happy Horses = Happy Kids!
And unless you object Cobi, i think it's going to be Little Miss Kibbles here:
although i do have to admit Sid was a close contender:
both then!