Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hair bears! no wait.

poor bald bears...they look so sad & weird.

these furless ladies are all in a zoo in germany and supposedly suffering some sort of unknown, possibly genetic ailment.
i don't know about that (and suspect overexposure to plastic!) but think it's revealing how similar they look to prehistoric models you'd see in the natural history museum.
compare this to below:


it's not a great picture but i don't really feel like digging too deep.
however, it might mean...somebody forgot to add fur to all those fossils.
then, instead of creepy dinosaurs, we'd have something closer to this:

HAPPY (belated) 40th BIRTHDAY SESAME STREET! thank you most of all for the letter "A" and the number 12!

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jenjer said...

the first time I saw a polar bear in it's natural habitat of Toledo, OH in the sweltering August heat, I thought it "Dang that's mangy". Nope, what you have HERE is mangy. Poor things.