Monday, December 14, 2009


this has been a totally depressing day and like some stupid perfect patty world in a phillip k. dick book, i am online bathtub hunting, for no reason other than escape and wishing the room below was somewhere near. somewhere by a beautiful body of water in the middle of nowhere, where i could take a bubble bath, drink a glass of wine and have a good cry.

it's a cool italian website though and should be inspiration for the creation of more colored appliances, bathtubs, showers and the like worldwide. ***sigh

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hair bears! no wait.

poor bald bears...they look so sad & weird.

these furless ladies are all in a zoo in germany and supposedly suffering some sort of unknown, possibly genetic ailment.
i don't know about that (and suspect overexposure to plastic!) but think it's revealing how similar they look to prehistoric models you'd see in the natural history museum.
compare this to below:


it's not a great picture but i don't really feel like digging too deep.
however, it might mean...somebody forgot to add fur to all those fossils.
then, instead of creepy dinosaurs, we'd have something closer to this:

HAPPY (belated) 40th BIRTHDAY SESAME STREET! thank you most of all for the letter "A" and the number 12!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

half-pint ponies

pack your bags and your sugar cubes QUICK! i just found out the American Miniature Horse Registry Convention is November 5 & 6th in Orlando, Florida...and that's in about ten minutes.
after a weekend trip to a tiny two-pony (extra-tiny) town – Julian, CA – and a mad email exchange with a girl who lives with a unicorn, the miniature pony infatuation has been fully reignited.
if Orlando doesn’t happen tomorrow (and i’m not really into Florida or having any money or traveling at the speed of light at the moment so it won’t), there is a mini pony chariot race next September in Tulsa that probably shouldn’t be missed.
start saving your pony pennies now!
until then i’m tiding myself over with the thought of getting Babiton a best friend for life from Toad Hill.
because Happy Horses = Happy Kids!
And unless you object Cobi, i think it's going to be Little Miss Kibbles here:
although i do have to admit Sid was a close contender:
both then!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

spice of life

it seemed like such a waste to fill this spice container with spices, mostly because once filled...we'd have no idea what was in them. so. i got some moss and made 12 mini terrariums.
from this:
to this!
quite a satisfying project that corresponds well with our recent foray into the world of micro-farming.
many a homegrown meal has been enjoyed from the basil, parsley, arugula, rosemary and waaaaayyyy too spicy peppers growing on the porch!
here's an excellent tutorial for building your own moss terrariums:
BUILD a moss terrarium all your own
as a caveat, i want to state...while researching how to make one of these green beauties, i learned...yes, moss takes forever to establish itself and yes, it is environmentally not nice to do massive amounts of moss harvesting.
i guess to counterbalance that i'd suggest only using small amounts of moss to limit environmental impact.
that being said, i, of course, live in a dry, essentially moss-free terrain and had my mailed to me from the east coast.
whoops. will make up for this eco-blunder some other way.

Friday, October 9, 2009

don't leave me hangin' on the telephone...

feeeeeeeedback, originally uploaded by doll bombs.

call 1-800-PURRS-ALOT and kick them nasty thoughts.
mimi got smack.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

air supply

as the $200 million needed to buy the Biosphere 2 never materialized, and the thought of living in arizona isn't very appealing at the moment...i'm going to happily forfeit dreams of living in this:
for a much more realistic dream of living with this:the ANDREA - learn more here
or just buy it, sight unseen. on sale october 8th, right here
i like when people mix machines with organic life.
it's almost romantic!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

30-day challenge

wii fit mii, originally uploaded by doll bombs.

every year, post-birthday i vow to shape up. and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it.
this year - wii mii isn't gonna let that happen.
i bought a personal trainer in a box and am taking the 30-day challenge.
we'll see how it goes.
today's day one and after a glass of champers and a 25 minute workout, i feel awesome, even though it's freaking hot doing kick boxing and inline skating in a non-air conditioned house.
today's calories burned = 109
calories in a glass of champagne = 91
so far, so good. time for lunch!

and if you want to know what my motivation is...
i have no idea how to fulfill this dream but i want to ride an ostrich. and figure i should probably shed a couple pounds before subjecting a giant chicken to that.
inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson and Tippi Degre.
living the wild child dream.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

crave. wanderlust. escape. come in.

it's the curse of the gypsy - to both roam and nest at the same time.
and with at least one of my hungarian gypsy great grandmothers referred to as Suitcase Jenny, of course, i've got it bad.
that's why these are an absolute must-have want/crave/desire/necessity with an instant downfall...21st century speeds mean they've been re-purposed as Harold & Maude-esque boxcars that require land to stay put.
but they're ever so charming!
(and for sale, if you don't mind paying shipping from provence on something that is essentially the world's most bohemianly cute shipping crate)
oh, les roullottes, you're the ultimate temptation.
and you've been decorated so enticingly perfectly decandently, pour-me-another-glass of wine beautiful, all because of jeanne boyol.
the allure is all summed up quite well here:
Neither house nor hut, gypsy caravans are untiring travellers. Proof that true liberty indeed exists, they travel towards the unknown, forever imbuing us with their sovereign supreme audacity.
geez. i need a road trip.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

where the wild things are.

seriously. scary.
and cobi, i blame you.
nebraska, what's up with your good ideas but your scary kids?
and of course, nobody can wait for the movie but i swear it wasn't karen o. OR arcade fire the first time i watched this trailer...

somehow explosions in the sky or sigur ros was playing in my head, but maybe it was all a good dream.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

well this sure sounds like fun.

there's only one good thing about 4th of july.
and now there isn't even that.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

so...we decided to build a bar.

and now you've got to come over and help us break it in.

Friday, June 26, 2009

spray paint is a gleaner's delight

summer loungin' is ready, thanks to 2 cans of spray paint and a nice dumpster diving find.
these chairs didn't turn out exactly as expected because the imaginary super plush black & white striped cushions i visualized don't exist and/or aren't in normal people's price range but they'll do for now.
i probably only like them because they match the washing machine:
washing machine!
but i'd REALLY love them if somebody would sprint over with one of these
for some summer shade -

chris kabel
, feel free to send over any crumbly prototypes if you like!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

back in the day...

the last thing i want to do is be a shameless self promoter, but this is just cool...
we all inherit the moon is now on cassette and EIGHT TRACK.
released on Scotch Tapes and sporting kickass handmade covers, these things i think are already sold out but i've got my copy for sure and am reserving listening to it for when i'm in a certain eight-track playing, fur-covered, clamshell bed in omaha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

no, not like albinos. white.

In honor of Memorial Day’s decree that it’s finally ok to wear white shoes (like anybody follows those old lady rules anymore), I spent the day thinking about how that’s kind of a weird mandate since most animals turn white in the winter.
And then I started thinking about how much I like white animals.
Like these -

Living with one mostly white cat, I realize there is a definite negative to having a wandering white ball of fluff in the house…namely insanely easy to spot fur on everything you own.
But you can save yourself some serious lint rolling and adopt a cute snowy white friend of your own right here at Scandinavian Grace