Saturday, September 26, 2009

air supply

as the $200 million needed to buy the Biosphere 2 never materialized, and the thought of living in arizona isn't very appealing at the moment...i'm going to happily forfeit dreams of living in this:
for a much more realistic dream of living with this:the ANDREA - learn more here
or just buy it, sight unseen. on sale october 8th, right here
i like when people mix machines with organic life.
it's almost romantic!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

30-day challenge

wii fit mii, originally uploaded by doll bombs.

every year, post-birthday i vow to shape up. and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it.
this year - wii mii isn't gonna let that happen.
i bought a personal trainer in a box and am taking the 30-day challenge.
we'll see how it goes.
today's day one and after a glass of champers and a 25 minute workout, i feel awesome, even though it's freaking hot doing kick boxing and inline skating in a non-air conditioned house.
today's calories burned = 109
calories in a glass of champagne = 91
so far, so good. time for lunch!

and if you want to know what my motivation is...
i have no idea how to fulfill this dream but i want to ride an ostrich. and figure i should probably shed a couple pounds before subjecting a giant chicken to that.
inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson and Tippi Degre.
living the wild child dream.