Saturday, September 12, 2009

30-day challenge

wii fit mii, originally uploaded by doll bombs.

every year, post-birthday i vow to shape up. and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it.
this year - wii mii isn't gonna let that happen.
i bought a personal trainer in a box and am taking the 30-day challenge.
we'll see how it goes.
today's day one and after a glass of champers and a 25 minute workout, i feel awesome, even though it's freaking hot doing kick boxing and inline skating in a non-air conditioned house.
today's calories burned = 109
calories in a glass of champagne = 91
so far, so good. time for lunch!

and if you want to know what my motivation is...
i have no idea how to fulfill this dream but i want to ride an ostrich. and figure i should probably shed a couple pounds before subjecting a giant chicken to that.
inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson and Tippi Degre.
living the wild child dream.


jenjer said...

I can see why you'd want to ride an ostrich. that kid has the look of pure joy on his face! Good on you for taking a 30 day challenge!

Doll Bombs said...

that little feral dude's a girl!
but here's the real verdict on day 10, 30 day challenge.
whoever designed the wii exercises did not take into account the strap that links the nunchuck to the controller.
or the fact that it has to somehow fit in amongst the tension band, around your body and all that strappy jazz.
some days i'm lucky not to break a wrist.
all in all though, it definitely feels better than coming home and taking a nap.
and verdict so far = clothes fit better, gained 2.7 pounds.
f* you wii. i'm going to eat some pizza & think this over.

Early Jewelry said...

we just got a wii. i just like making the characters. lets talk soon.