Monday, November 29, 2010

this is so addictive

now that i've started wordling, i just want to wordl everything!!!
here's a wordle word cloud made of this here blog:

make your own here:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

LLOVE is only temporary.

Someday, and maybe sometime more details in another post, I will stay in the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam but today if wishes made things true…I’d be on a plane to Tokyo before November 23.  And shortly thereafter having a slumber party at the LLOVE Hotel (in the mattress room, if possible). This very Japanese pop-up hotel is an art/architect collaboration between Japanese architect Jo Nagasaka and Lloyd director Suzanne Oxenaar (plus several guest Dutch and Japanese artists) and I really, really want to jump on these beds!
Designed by Richard Hutten, here's just a snippet of this room's description:
As an extra layer, referring to the outdoor, you will find some leaves growing on strange places. The room is not suitable for business men on a business trip, but very suitable for tourists not in a hurry, people in love, and everyone who knows how to enjoy life!

Book your stay (or just check out the rooms) here and here.