Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Give me Liberty or give me flowers! Maybe both.

Truly, liberty prints and detailed, paint-by-number floral patterns have been a bit on overkill lately but I couldn't resist checking out Liberty of London's collection at Target.
And discovered, when it comes to floral, it's definitely appealing when it has to do with gardening!
Didn't see them in stock though so I instead decided on some posh, Liberty loungewear and am now sipping a cocktail and pseudo-channeling my own glamorous grandmother. Doubt that's turn-on for the Boo but it's inspired me to shop for patio furniture on craigslist and I just now found an awesome new loungey couch.
I'm deliberately keeping quiet about the former Neat Freak 101 postings because they inspired a sort of madness around here. We've thrown almost all our furniture out!
It's like the yearly move has been transformed into a massive redecorating party instead.
Who knows what will happen now?