Sunday, October 11, 2009

spice of life

it seemed like such a waste to fill this spice container with spices, mostly because once filled...we'd have no idea what was in them. so. i got some moss and made 12 mini terrariums.
from this:
to this!
quite a satisfying project that corresponds well with our recent foray into the world of micro-farming.
many a homegrown meal has been enjoyed from the basil, parsley, arugula, rosemary and waaaaayyyy too spicy peppers growing on the porch!
here's an excellent tutorial for building your own moss terrariums:
BUILD a moss terrarium all your own
as a caveat, i want to state...while researching how to make one of these green beauties, i learned...yes, moss takes forever to establish itself and yes, it is environmentally not nice to do massive amounts of moss harvesting.
i guess to counterbalance that i'd suggest only using small amounts of moss to limit environmental impact.
that being said, i, of course, live in a dry, essentially moss-free terrain and had my mailed to me from the east coast.
whoops. will make up for this eco-blunder some other way.

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