Thursday, March 26, 2009

20 bedrooms

sometimes when I’m bored, I make lists.
current list is trying to figure out how many different bedrooms/houses I’ve lived in since moving out at 17.
If couch surfing/slightly homeless stints count, the count would be higher but the legitimate grand total I think is…
next move will be Number 20.
but this is the very first time EVER to have a SPARE room!!!
maybe that makes this both 20 & 21?!


connect-to-cut said...

i do the same thing! i'm trying to make the newest house stick, the longest i've been at one place was in brooklyn for 2.5 years, and that apartment was so gross! here's to 3 years or more!

jenjer said...

are you moving out of the trailer?!

Doll Bombs said...

yup, it's bye bye trailer park experiment!
i'm super bummed to not be living near the water but the new place is right off of adam's in a totally cool, walkable neighborhood.
this will be the farthest we've lived from the ocean in 6 or 7 years - a whopping 6 miles inland : )
house warming party soon and finally in a real house!

Doll Bombs said...

oh cobi. i forgot to say, i'm still pissed for you about that brooklyn apartment. 2.5 years and no door?!