Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sorry,,,what was that you said?

with Paris fashion week underway, i guess it's time to talk a little fashion smashion'.
specifically, fashionable hair dids.
hair dids with funny names.
stylists insist on pushing THE QUIFF and i just Cannot get around a hairstyle with a name that makes me laugh like that.
i blame Gwen Stefani for this 50's/80's (two decades that tend to depress me if they don't involve ice cream) look that keeps resurfacing but it's popping up more and more, and being a girl who gags at the smell of hairspray and can't use a curling iron without leaving burn marks, i probably won't ever try it out.
yes ladies can wear it but it's the boys who made it a sensation:

soooo....i've decided to leave that 'do to the menfolk and get a quiff i could really love:

a lovely wookie hairdid rabbit!!!

however, if you'd like to try this quiffy throwback hairstyle on your own, here's the instruction manual -

incidentally, if you were wondering...rumor mill says that's not Morrissey's kid on his just released record Years of Refusal.
i guess he's still as asexual as always. or so they'd like you to believe.
just like the good ol' quiff!

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