Monday, March 9, 2009

knee socks and poppycocks

being an exceedingly lazy girl when it comes to getting dressed, there's only one type of clothing i've ever really gotten behind.
socks, knee socks, tights and the like.
all the stuff in between takes too much effort and income,,,but i can usually afford a good pair of socks.
sooooo, here's a little lady in l.a. making my absolute (but kind of pricey) faves -
Hansel from Basel

incidentally, while looking up some of her most recent designs, i happened upon this $740 accessory that may be the grossest, most vilest piece of overpriced trendster shit i've ever seen -
another clear cut case where danish designers shouldn't ever rely on the navajos for inspiration because they'll miss the obvious homeless and/or crazy fat pseudo-arty housewife association the rest of us get.
(that being said, i really love some of the man socks and other designs this dude (Henrik Vibskov) creates but this blanket nullifies at least 40 of them)

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