Monday, March 16, 2009

elfin army, nuff said.

iceland's hot! these days (and not just from global warming), which gives all of us a reason to believe in elves.
and yes i do believe.
at age 6 i SAW the head honcho elf himself go up our chimney and no stupid grownup spoilsports will ever convince me otherwise.
luckily Enid Blyton alway's had my back and she was awesome, grownup AND played a big role in my refusal to actually becoming like any of them : )

so next trip to iceland, be sure to check out
Icelandic Wonders, a museum dedicated to elves, trolls and the northern lights.
this National Geographic video explains it all a little better.
and whether you want to believe in elves or not, believe me that this was all just an excuse to post and re-watch Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla and Glosoli - the best two videos and songs ever made!

and connect-to-cut, if you want some international lifetime-my so called life type programming to stay entertained, here's Spangas, a posssibly icelandic gay coming of age tale but from the words i could interpret, it's german.

the twins look a little like a youthful adam & seth so i'm loving it.

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connect-to-cut said...

oooh i'm heating up the popcorn right now! how did you know that in addition to movies about hazing and underage drinking -- i loovve coming of age tales about icelandic gays! oh, and elfs too!!