Thursday, February 4, 2010

Neat freak 101 - week 1

seeing as how my boo's got a tough school schedule this semester, i started feeling guilty for all the lazy non-learning i do and decided to "enroll" myself in a class i've desperately needed to take
- Neat Freak 101 - a beginner's guide to organizing your life.
unfortunately this is an entirely imaginary and self-taught class so i'm not really sure how to begin but here goes nothing...
week one is entitled Crime, Punishment & Reward
Here are the assignments:
• clean out t-shirt drawer - donate at least 10 things to goodwill
• clean out sock & undies drawer - throw out at least 10 things
• clean out closet - resell clothes or donate at least 10 things to goodwill
• rearrange living room and get rid of old couch
• build shelves in the hall/mailorder closet so bath towels have somewhere to go
Today's Class -
Crime = being unable to shut my shirt drawer because it's too full, even though i RARELY wear t-shirts.
Punishment = dumped out drawer and ruthlessly narrowed down its contents.
Grade = B - Goodwill will soon have 13 new shirts!
Reward = bought & read something that's the equivalent of a gossip mag - Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.
And of course, the reward of now being able to shut the drawer!

best of all, it turns out i'm one of those crazy old ladies who hide money everywhere! apparently at some point i thought it would be a good idea to hide 2 $100 bills in that shirt drawer. and it sure was. i promptly re-hid the money in the sock drawer as motivation to continue these lessons.

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