Monday, November 10, 2008

like christmas morning

only if you wake up in trailer parks will you understand the wonderfulness that it is to wake up to SWAP MEET SATURDAY!
so many treasures, for so little money and tottering social piles of old people who don't know about ebay.
on this week's unplanned shopping list:
this amazing pimpass arc lamp that was a bit of a bitch to get home but so worth the $30 -

and this receiver so we can finally listen to records again -
(notice within 15 minutes of bringing any new items into the house, the cats have already claimed favorites)

what i'm not including pictures of are the magic bottle spice rack, samurai sword, early 1900's gun holster, children's books, bb guns, sock monkeys, 60's owl night light and red fur-collared leather coat that also made it home.
all bought while toting bloody marys and still in our pajamas. (and fitting in quite well, i might add)

but until those pics surface,,,here's some mimi entertainment.
give this kitty some crumpled paper and she'll play fetch for hours.
...especially late night and early morning hours.

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